Agricultural Law Review is a newly registered (ISSN 1897 – 7626) periodical (published twice a year) dealing with agricultural law. The main reasoning for the Review is to provide the Reader with knowledge from various spheres of this discipline. It should serve not only to the benefit of the development of agricultural law school or for the legislative process, but it should also assist the administration bodies in solving practical issues. Therefore, the Review will continue to include the results of work on agricultural law theory, research studies with materials, novelties of Community agricultural law, works on international rules in agriculture together with some practical evaluations. Every issue will also contain an overview of developments in case-law and literature, including foreign periodicals.

The logo of the Review expresses a broader look on agricultural law, embracing both the traditionally understood agriculture and the legal aspects of food, environment (within agriculture), rural areas and the countryside. It links the local element with global approach towards the development of this discipline. The representatives of foreign agricultural law school will always find it possible to submit publications to the Review. Under the circumstances of the EU membership it is of utmost necessity to take into account the experience from the other EU Member States in the implementation of Community agricultural law. To improve the exchange and accessibility of publications committed in the Review, summaries in English and - as from the 2nd number of 2007 - also in Italian have been attached to every paper.

Editorial Board:

  • Roman Budzinowski - Editor in Chief
  • Elżbieta Kremer
  • Aneta Suchoń, Łukasz Sokołowski - Secretaries

The Research Committee is formed by:

  • Francesco Adornato,
  • Ferdinando Albisinni,
  • Paweł Czechowski,
  • Daniel Gadbin,
  • Alberto Germanò,
  • Giuseppe Giuffrida,
  • Aleksander Lichorowicz,
  • Angel Martinez,
  • José Martínez,
  • Aleksander Oleszko,
  • Stanisław Prutis.

Reviewers 2011

  • Beata Jeżyńska,
  • Alina Jurcewicz,
  • Małgorzata Korzycka-Iwanow,
  • Teresa Kurowska,
  • Krystyna Stefańska,
  • Elżbieta Tomkiewicz,
  • Błażej Wierzbowski,
  • Andrzej Zieliński.

Reviewers 2013

  • Paweł Czechowski
  • Josè Ramòn Sànchez Jaraba
  • Beata Jeżyńska
  • Alina Jurcewicz
  • Aurelia Nowicka
  • Tadeusz Smyczyński
  • Aneta Suchoń
  • Stanisław Stachowiak
  • Agnieszka Szymecka-Wesołowska
  • Josè Martínez
  • Elżbieta Tomkiewcz
  • Zygmunt Truszkiewicz
  • Błażej Wierzbowski
  • Andrzej Zieliński

Reviewers 2014

  • Francesco Adornato
  • Beata Jeżyńska
  • Alina Jurcewicz
  • Piotr  Kardas
  • Teresa Kurowska
  • Pamela Latanzi
  • Dorota Łobos-Kotowska
  • Àngel Martínez Gutiérrez
  • Johanna Monien
  • Jan Schürmann
  • Andrzej J. Szwarc
  • Elżbieta Tomkiewicz
  • Ilaria Trapè
  • Błażej Wierzbowski
  • Andrzej Zieliński

Reviewers 2015

  • Maria Hernando Rydings
  • Beta Jeżyńska
  • Alina Jurcewicz
  • Dorota Łobos-Kotowska
  • Jesús María Martín Serrano
  • Angel Martínez Gutíerrez
  • Aneta Suchoń
  • Elżbieta Tomkiewicz
  • Lourdes de la Torre Martínez
  • Błażej Wierzbowski
  • Andrzej Zieliński

Reviewers 2016

  • Mariagrazia Alabrese
  • Paweł Gała
  • Dorota Łobos-Kotowska
  • Beata Jerzyńska
  • Izabela Lipińska
  • José Martinez
  • Aneta Suchoń
  • B. Wierzbowski
  • Elżbieta Tomkiewicz
  • Ewa Tuora-Schwierskott
  • Andrzej Zieliński