Review Procedure

  • Papers published in Agricultural Law Review are peer reviewed according to the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, contained in its review guidelines.  In order for a manuscript to be published, the reviewer’s comments must be acted on
  • Each manuscript is reviewed by two reviewers who are not members of the periodical’s Editorial Team or Research Committee or employees of the periodical’s publisher and are free of any conflict of interest with the Author
  • In the case of manuscripts by foreign Authors, the Editorial Team appoints at least one foreign reviewer, who is free of any conflict of interest with the Author
  • Following the review sheet, the conclusion of a review may: a) accept the manuscript for publication; b) accept the manuscript for publication with changes; c) reject the manuscript
  • The identity of the reviewers of a manuscript is not disclosed to its Author
  • Reviewers’ names are published in issue two of Agricultural Law Review and online

Download: Review sheet