History of Journal

Poland’s accession to the European Union (on 1 May 2004) justified the creation of a journal that would address the challenges associated with the inclusion of agriculture in the common agricultural policy, as well as global challenges. Therefore, in 2007, “Agricultural Law Review” (ISSN 1897-7626, eISSN 2719-7026) was registered as a semi-annual journal focused on the field of agricultural law. The intention of the founders, pursued to this day, is to foster not only the development of scholarship devoted to agricultural law and to support the law-making process, but also to assist the agricultural administration in solving practical problems.

The journal adopts a broad conception of agricultural law, which, in addition to (traditionally understood) agriculture, also encompasses legal issues associated with food, the environment (in agriculture), rural areas and the rural landscape. In order to facilitate the exchange and access to the publications in “Agricultural Law Review”, all the published articles were accompanied by abstracts in English and – from Issue 2 of 2007 until 30 June 2022 – also in Italian. However, as of 1 July 2022, abstracts of articles are published in Polish and English only.

“Agricultural Law Review” is undergoing internationalization; it is becoming well known in Europe and even on other continents. The Scientific Council of the Review is composed of eminent representatives of the science of agricultural law from various countries of the world. The authors include experts on agriculture from various countries. For example, of the 47 articles published in 2019 and 2020, 12 of the authors were international representatives of agricultural law. The need for the exchange of ideas and discussions is due to the fact that experts on agricultural law from a variety of different countries are facing the same problems (e.g. ensuring food security, food safety, environmental and climate protection).

All past issues of “Agricultural Law Review” can be found on the journal’s website (www.ppr.amu.edu.pl).