Politics of open access

Open access policy

Texts published in “Agricultural Law Review” are protected by their own copyright provisions. By submitting a manuscript for publication in the journal, the author consents to publication on an open access basis and allows the text to be placed on platforms and in online databases that disseminate scientific research results, while retaining full copyright to the work.

The publisher provides immediate open access (Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)) to all journal content. The editors encourage authors to submit articles published in the “Review” (the publisher’s final version)  to open access repositories, provided that a link to the journal website and the DOI number of the article is provided.

Long-term access to the journal is preserved in the PKP Preservation Network.

Publishing policy

Publication schedule: “Agricultural Law Review” is a semi-annual journal, published at the end of each half-year. “Agricultural Law Review” is published in electronic (OA) and print versions. The electronic version is published first, and this is the primary version of the journal.

Article submission, the review process and publication in “Agricultural Law Review” are free of charge.