2021 No 2 (29)

Academic biography of Professor Roman Budzinowski (Aleksander Lichorowicz)


Ferdinando Albisinni (University Mercatorum in Rome, Italy)
Agricultural business and life sciences in European agricultural law

Jerzy Bieluk (University of Białystok, Poland)
Some remarks on the taxation of agriculture in Poland in the context of the European Green Deal

Paweł A. Blajer (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland)
Reflections on the expansion of the scope of land agricultural regulation – a notary’s perspective

Christian Busse (University of Bonn, Germany)
The admissibility and limits of Member States’ inter vention in the free determination of the prices of agricultural products. Legal doctrinal considerations in the light of the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Luigi Costato (University of Ferrara, Italy)
Historical food problems: security of supply, food sovereignty and the new agriculture

Mariarita D’Addezio (University of Udine, Italy)
Agri-food supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and Italy. A challenge between food security, recovery and market dynamics, labour and consumer protection, European Green Deal and climate uncertainty

Paweł Gała, Dorota Łobos-Kotowska, Marek Stańko (University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland)
The construction of a family farm in the context of the construction of an agricultural holding as provided for in the civil code and in the Act on shaping the agricultural system

Alberto Germanò (University La Sapienza in Rome, Italy)
Article 13 TFEU and the protection of animals as sentient beings: a judgment of the Italian Court of Cassation (Criminal Division)

Eliza Jachnik (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland)
Legal protection of the welfare of farmed animals during slaughter

Beata Jeżyńska, Radosław Pastuszko (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland)
The UNESCO concept of biosphere reserves

Elżbieta Kremer (The Supreme Administrative Court, Warsaw, Poland)
Restructuring the debt of farm operators

Juan Latorre Ruiz (University of Jaén, Spain)
The limitation of the production of olive oils by the Spanish state

Izabela Lipińska (Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland)
Improving the competitiveness of agricultural activity in the reformed Common Agricultural Policy – selected legal issues

Laura Marín Cáceres (University of Jaén, Spain)
Cooperatives in the agri-food environment from a private law perspective

Ángel Martínez Gutiérrez, Trinidad Vázquez Ruano (University of Jaén, Spain)
Consumer protection and safeguards: proper information on the geographical origin of ingredients. The case of olive oils

José Martínez (Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany)
Linguistic challenges for agricultural law comparativism

Roland Norer (University of Lucerne, Switzerland)
Agricultural law saving the world, or making too high demands? On the methodology for integrating non-agricultural claims into European  agricultural law

Stanisław Prutis (University of Białystok, Poland)
Agricultural legal agreements

Damian Puślecki (Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland)
Sickness and quarantine allowance for farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Luigi Russo (University of Ferrara, Italy)
Communication of the origin of food products: legal aspects

Giuseppe Spoto (Roma Tre University, Italy)
Pros and cons of the multilateral system of international agreements on trade in agricultural products

Giuliana Strambi (National Research Council, Section DAIC-ISGI)
Peasant agriculture between local and global considerations

Krzysztof Świderski (Poznań, Poland)
Legal protection of landscape in the process of land development. Selected issues

Elżbieta Tomkiewicz (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)
Delegated acts in the field of European Union agricultural law

Paweł Wojciechowski (University of Warsaw, Poland)
Food labelling as an instrument for achieving the objectives of food law: selected issues



Reviewers of “Agricultural Law Review” of the year 2021